Cogs In the Machine 2015 ReMix

by Jamie Lang

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Remix/remaster of a 2014 track for testing some....different methods.


We've got stockholm syndrome in the land of the free
Medicated masses and reality TV
We are complicit in our own slavery
And on our way to empire
like we all flunked history
We're just cogs
Cogs in the Machine

Elect an oil man as commander in chief
Wonder why our children are dying in the middle east
The next man runs on a platform of "change"
With financial backer who want more of the same
Cause they're just cogs
Cogs in the Machine

Throughout history the one percent have ruled
But not without consent and ignorance of fools
They're ruby slippers, D(orthy)
They've been right here all along

Wages frozen while the stock is rising fast
"Job creators"--the royal protected class
Economic shell game
Special interest earmarked bloat
A consumer treadmill that keeps the country afloat
Cause we're all cogs
Cogs in the Machine

Honesty is relative
And relatively rare
Reports by spin men
Neither balanced nor fair


released August 20, 2015
Drums: Pete Generous at



all rights reserved


Jamie Lang Nashville, Tennessee

Jamie was born...and then there was music....the rest is mostly not relevant.

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